Chargily Pay Docs Intro

Chargily Pay, a gateway that allows you to accept online payments with many payment methods in Algeria.

Let’s discover together how easy the integration is.

What you’ll need

Firstly, you have to get api’s key and secret (API KEY and SECRET KEY), you can get them for Free in less than 05min.

1. Create an account

Visite our website and create an account.

2. Create an application

Visite this link and create an application.

3. Get api’s key and secret

After creating a new application , you will get API KEY and SECRET KEY.

What next?

We have add-ons for a variety of programming languages and frameworks, you can choose the one that suits you from the side bar but we encourage you to first read about how to work directly with our API to understand what’s happening under the hood, than you can choose the integration method that fit your programming language and framework from the sidebar.