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Chargily for Developers

We are happy to guide you to integrate Chargily Pay easily into your apps.

We are FREE!

The integration of the Chargily ePay gateway is entirely FREE of charge, we just take small fees.

Easy to use

Easily setup e-payment in your application and in minutes.

Edahabia and CIB are supported

No matter which card the client has, we support it, and guess what, VISA and Mastercards will soon be supported too!

Focus on what matters

We provide add-ons for every famous programming language and framework to make the integration easy for you, which makes focus more on the essential things.

We are opensource

All the add-ons for the programming languages and frameworks are open source.

We support all of them

For every famous programming language or framework, we have an add-on for it that makes the integration very easy: PHP, Laravel, Python, Django, Javascript, React...