Test Mode is a tool for developers to allow them to test their integration of Chargily Pay and all of its features without using real money.

Testing transactions in Test Mode helps you catch any mistakes or issues in your Chargily Pay integration before you start accepting real payments. It’s like a practice run to make sure everything runs smoothly when you go live.

Understanding the concept of Test and Live modes

You can think of Test Mode and Live Mode as two separate Chargily Pay environments. Each environment has its own API URL and keys. This means that you can use Test Mode API URL with your Test Mode API keys to make requests to the Test environment and you can use Live Mode API URL with your Live Mode API keys to make requests to the Live environment.

Passing to Live Mode

You have to verify your user account first to be able to use Live Mode.

Once you’ve tested your integration in Test Mode and you’re ready to start accepting real payments, you can use the Live Mode by using its URL and API keys, you can also view live data by switching to Live Mode on Chargily Pay’s dashboard.

Switching from Test to Live mode in Chargily Pay’s dashboard means switching between viewing data in the test environment and the live environment. It doesn’t change the mode of your website or application. If you want to switch the mode on your website or application, you need to use the URL and API keys specific to the desired mode.

Switch between Test and Live modes on Chargily Pay