This tutorial guides you through a basic interaction with the Chargily Pay API.

First, you’ll make your first API call to generate a new Product.

You will then create a Price for the Product you created, and use that Price to generate a Checkout to get the URL where you should redirect your customer to complete the payment.

Finally, you’ll see how you can use the Webhooks to let your website or application receive notifications from Chargily Pay when a payment is completed, failed, or canceled and react to it.

Even though this tutorial guides you through creating a Product, setting a Price, and then creating a Checkout, you can also directly create a Checkout directly by specifying an amount and currency as parameters. You don’t need to go through the steps of creating a Product and a Price. For more information, check out the Checkout API reference.

1. Your first API request - create a new Product

It’s time to send your first API request!